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Coaction Consultancy

Coaction Consultancy operates from Brisbane providing a wide range of Training and Development services in ‘ Building Collaborative Organisational Culture’, ‘Middle Management Leadership Development ’ and ‘Communication/Client Service Skills’ for organisations.

We focus on skill development in:
  • Middle Management Leadership
  • Building Effective Teams to undertake Change Management
  • Conducting Critical Conversations
  • Conflict Resolution/Communications
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence




It is necessary for all Staff and Middle Management to possess the skills to drive towards reaching an organisation’s goals. We design a program that is based on your people and suits your requirements.

We deliver custom programs to:
  • Educational Institutions
  • Corporate Clients
  • Sporting Teams



Coaction Consultancy’s approach is to help people and organisations to develop their Staff and Middle Management leadership by observing, understanding, and transforming their practices into healthy, productive behaviours. It holds the individual person, as the most important aspect for organisations to achieve their strategic and operational goals. These people, their attitude, skills and motivation, are the essence that will determine success and therefore, need to be the focus of development and nurture.

Brett Harvey
Brett Harvey is an experienced and entertaining presenter and facilitator in the area of Middle Management leadership Development. He has a range of leadership experience having worked in the manufacturing, hospitality and educational sectors. Brett first worked as a State Sales Coordinator in the Aluminium Industry, before taking on the role of State Food and Beverage Manager of a national restaurant group and was Queensland State Manager for External Catering.

For the last 21 years, he has been employed in the Private School Sector, holding Middle Management roles including Subject Coordinator, Head of Year and Head of House (Student Welfare), and Senior Leadership roles including Assistant to the Principal, Administration and Vice Principal (Administration and Students). He has also had various opportunities in the role as Acting Principal.

Throughout his various employment opportunities and positions, Brett has been extensively involved in Staff Development, Appraisal and Mentoring, Organisational Development and Strategic Planning and Staff Recruitment. His strengths include a positive approachable style, a problem analysis and solution focused direction and his drive towards developing relational-orientated leadership.


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, University of Qld, 1984
  • Master of Regional Science Degree, University of Qld (Economics), 1988
  • Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching, McAuley College, 1988
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Workplace Training, Qld, 2005
  • “Respond Effectively to Difficult or Challenging Behaviours” SA, 2007
  • Associate Fellow - Australian Institute of Management (AFAIM)